Friday, December 12, 2014

Account of My struggle with Kidney Stone.

During all my struggle with Kidney stone - I promised myself that I will share most of the important things with everyone whom I care for and hence this blog. :)

It was somewhere in the Middle of 2013 when I first felt the pain on the lower right back side of torso - which I ignored completely once the pain vanished - and hence was not able to detect the Kidney stone on time.

Anyways, I kept on with my routine lifestyle  i.e. Work - Sleep - Run (Sometimes) :) 

It was night of 27th April this year, when the worst Pain stuck me - I was breathless - it lasted for 6 Hours - Pain touched new heights during those 6 hours - worst part, as the pain vanished I mistook it to another stomach pain and asked doctor for stomach relief - Missed to detect it again. 

But this time it came back faster and it was in May,14, when I was consulted to go for ultrasonography and X-Ray which detected a 8 mm stone in my right Kidney - which moved to right Ureter almost 80% and was stuck.

My Consultant told me that it needs to be operated - but after he disclosed the procedure - I asked him what are the chances that this stone will come out on it's own - it was 15% - but obviously I chose to go with 15% ;)

Following are the things which I brought in my lifestyle to help the stone come out on its own [which never happened though];
  • Drink Plenty of Water [2-4 Ltrs - Everyday]
  • Lemon Juice 
  • Butter Milk
  • Kulthi / Kulath [Horsegram Lentils]
  • Pain killers - To counter sudden pain [Consult your doctor]
  • Calcury - by Charak
  • Livoflox - For Infection control
Apart from this I searched Internet for all possible options available.


The only wrong choice I made was to stop running - which elongated the whole process - Big Mistake.

Oh, I forgot to mention that during 2013 and till the point the stone was detected, I ran Half - Marathon as well [21.09 KMs] :)

In Oct,14 , I met with an accident and luckily no damage was done except for I broke my helmet badly [Please wear helmet :)], and during my bed rest - The stone pain troubled me again - this is when I promised myself that If it resurfaces again I will get rid of it.

On 11th Oct, 14, I was operated for Kidney Stone - intracorporeal lithotripsy - not so good experience - but during the whole process I was thinking only about one thing - no matter what - I will Run again :)

But due to some reason - there was 'DJ Stent' placed inside me for 21 days and on Nov, 14 it was removed with all the honours :)

And on 14th Nov, I ran again - and it was beautiful - though only for a while.

Live - Love - Run - While you can - Stay Blessed

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